My name is Alex Mage and I've been teaching people to play tennis for 17 years

The best and the most trusted mentor for those who want real results

I use my own author's techniques. Those technics I individually engage with each person. Constitute a step by step plan to achieve the best result.

Right now I'm coaching more than 70 people.
If you want to hit tennis ball correctly and beatifuly and also adapt new skills as well as enjoy just playing the game of tennis - then I welcome you to my team!
NB! Trial lesson last one hour under my personal supervision!
  • The program includes:
    • Professional instruction
    • Technical skills
    • Match play skills (tactics)
    • Fitness for tennis
    • Sparring
    • FUN
  • Benefits of tennis:
    • Improves concetration
    • Helps relieve tension
    • Improves eyesight
    • Improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility
    • Lowers body fat
    • Lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure